Episode 144 – Transformers [2007]

In 2007, Michael Bay delivered the long awaited live-action Transformers movie. Differing from the TV show and animated movie, this film is centered around a human teenager buying his first car and trying to hit on the hot, popular girl in school. He just also happens to be the descendant of an explorer who stumbled upon the frozen remains of Megatron. The map to the All-Spark (the cube that gives Autobots and Decepticons life) was imprinted on the explorer’s glasses, which the teenage boy now possesses. So the Decepticons are after him and the Autobots must protect him (and the All-Spark). Do fans of Transformers like this movie? What about just regular movie fans? Check out what Justin and Stew think and let us know what you think of Transformers!

Watch this episode on YouTube!


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