Review: John Wick Chapter 2

 Keanu Reeves has made quite a few great action movies. Speed and The Matrix are arguably the best among them. But now, John Wick and its sequel deserve their spot along side them.

John Wick Chapter 2 takes place fairly soon after the original with Reeves’ Wick tying up a loose end from the original film. After which he plans on settling back down and getting “out” of the business (of murdering people). But one of his old associates asks him for his help, which Wick had promised to give a long time ago. He basically gave a blood oath and when Wick says no, the associate has no choice but to retaliate. Well, John Wick does not appreciate it and plans on getting even.

The premise for Chapter 2 isn’t as strong as the previous installment but it still works and the action is even better than the previous film. There’s a shootout in catacombs in Italy and it’s an impressive piece of action cinema.

The villain (the old associate) isn’t bad but he’s not terribly memorable either. Common plays a bodyguard/assassin with a personal vendetta against Wick and he’s stronger than the main villain. Ruby Rose plays a bodyguard to the main villain and her character is deaf and only speaks in sign language, which struck me as completely absurd. You would think a bodyguard would need to be able to hear. Her client could be shot from afar and unless she’s looking right at him, she would never know there was a problem. I began to wonder if she was mute instead of deaf but during her fight scene with Wick she yells as she’s throwing punches/being punched. So I guess she’s supposed to be deaf. Maybe I’m wrong. Can you be a good bodyguard without your sense of hearing? Also Ruby Rose isn’t a strong enough actress to convey emotion without dialogue so her facial expressions are over the top. She’s easily the weakest part of the film.

That being said, I rather enjoyed it. I would say it’s not quite as good as the original but definitely worth seeing.

I give it an A-

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