Superheroes, Movies & Superhero Movies – Episode 039 – Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back [1980]

star wars episode 5 darth vader Logo star wars episode 5 luke and yoda

For a long time sequels got a bad rap. Sequels were looked at as the inferior movie, and with good reason. The first film does well, so the studio decides to try their luck with the same property and spit out a “Part 2”. While most sequels tend to do well, they usually aren’t loved by fans and critics. Unless you’re The Godfather Part 2, you’re probably going to hear “It wasn’t as good as the first one…”

Enter The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Part 2. It’s darker. Our heroes are broken up; Luke is on a different planet while Han, Leia and Chewie are trying to outrun the Empire. And then there’s the big reveal. Maybe the biggest reveal ever.

Join the guys as they discuss the amazing second installation of the Star Wars franchise.

WARNING: This episode also spoils the films The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects and Return of the Jedi. If you haven’t seen those movies, you may want to watch them before listening to this episode.

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