Wonder Woman REVEAL

Batman v Superman Logo Today, at Comic Con, the official image of Wonder Woman has been revealed. Check it out: wonderwoman-official I appear to be differing from a lot of the reaction this image has been receiving. I don’t think it’s a movie breaker, but I would’ve still been looking through the concept art, myself.

My first major complaint is the lack of color, which is an obvious one. Sure it’d probably make it less realistic, but I want to see Wonder Woman up there. Like how they gave us Batman. I can live with this, it just probably wouldn’t have passed my approval.

Secondly, seeing Gadot posing as Wonder Woman did not hit me with excitement like the Batman reveal. My heart dropped more with excitement that there was a picture of her than what the picture actually gives us. Here, she doesn’t really strike me as Wonder Woman as much as I was hoping for. That, again, could just be the picture. Let’s see what she looks like in action.

As you can see, she wields a warrior’s blade, as well as her Lasso of Truth, on side. Yay for that! Hopefully it actually does what it’s supposed to. AND, she doesn’t look anorexic anymore!! WOOO!!

The boots are a plus for me. Glad they made them armor-esque and covering the knee. Of course, her bracers… definitely needed to keep those, and I like how they are prominent. And lastly, her headband/crown– looks good.

Delving in deeper, we have her standing on structure rubble; embers and smoke in the background. So, who is knocking down the city, hmmm? Lex? Maybe. But not by yourself.

All-in-all, I am neutral to the image. That, I can deal with. Better than being let down, which I can definitely say, “I am not.”


Gal Gadot will be playing Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice– currently set for release May 6, 2016.

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