New Batman Suit and Batmobile Revealed

Zack Snyder’s sequel to last year’s Man of Steel doesn’t come out for another two years but fortunately for us, Snyder has tweeted us our first official image. (Well, technically, I suppose the teaser image he posted yesterday of the Batmobile covered in a tarp was the first official image…)

Hit the jump to see the photo.


Superman vs Batman Batman Suit Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck looks awesome in the new suit. It definitely feels Frank Miller inspired, with the short ears and the large bat symbol on the chest. The picture seems to be black and white so I’m unsure if the suit is all black, like the previous big screen suits, or if it’s got some grey in it. It looks to me like the cape, cowl, and gloves are a darker color than the rest of the suit, which leads me to think it’s going to be a black/grey combination, which is awesome. I love the look of it and I can’t wait to see him in action.

The Batmobile also looks great. Unfortunately, we don’t get the greatest view of it but it seems like a nice mix of Nolan’s tactical Tumbler and the more sleek designs of Burton’s classic Batmobile or something from one of the animated series.

I brightened up the picture a little bit so you can see the detail in the costume a little better.

Superman vs Batman Batman Suit Ben Affleck Brightened

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