Review: In a World… [2013]

In a WorldSmall independent films can surprise you sometimes and end up being sadly overlooked by many in terms of the “best films of the year.” Hopefully In a World… won’t be overlooked. It’s charming and fun and full of characters who feel real.

Written, directed and starring Lake Bell, In a World… (rated R) follows Carol, the daughter of a voice over megastar named Sam Sotto. Other than Don LaFontaine, who was the king of “In a world…” movie trailer voice overs, Sam Sotto is the best. Carol spends her days working as a vocal coach, helping actors with dialects mostly. At 31, she’s still living at home and her father decides to support her by not supporting her anymore. She’s forced to move in with her sister and her husband while she figures things out.

The film itself isn’t all that quirky but Carol is definitely a quirky character. Fans of the tv show New Girl could see similarities in Zooey Deschanel’s character and Lake Bell’s Carol. She sees life through a quirky lens and it’s fun to watch her on her journey. Demetri Martin plays Louis, a sound engineer and friend of Carol’s who wishes to be more than friends. He gives a great performance as the nervous guy with a crush who helps her attempt to further her career as a voice-over artist.

It’s a solid directorial effort from Bell. She doesn’t do anything flashy with the camera and doesn’t need to. The characters are what’s interesting here. It’s a small gem of a movie and I enjoyed it.

I give it an A-.

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