Zack Snyder to introduce Batman in Man of Steel 2

Comic-Con LogoIt was just revealed at San Diego Comic Con earlier today that Zack Snyder will introduce Batman in to the universe he created in Man of Steel. Henry Cavill will return as Superman but Batman has yet to be cast. Snyder is currently working on the story with David S. Goyer, who will pen the script solo. Christopher Nolan and his wife, Emma, will return only as Executive Producers. The picture on the left is supposedly the logo revealed. (I say supposedly because it was taken from a Twitter account. So if it’s revealed later to be a fake, I won’t look super stupid.)

I was a big fan of Man of Steel (which is obvious, if you’ve listened to our podcast) and am excited to see where Snyder takes Superman in part two. Will he also introduce Lex Luthor? Will there be any Batman villains? Could there be any other DC Comics characters? Oliver Queen perhaps? The fanboy in me is very excited. The more rational side of me is wondering how good this will be. DC is obviously trying to play catch up to Marvel, who have had a great run with just about all of their properties including their mega-hit The Avengers. DC wants to make a Justice League film and has been trying for years now. Adding Batman to a Superman movie is a good start. Will this still be considered a Superman film? Or is this a Superman/Batman film? It’s kind of a bummer that we only get one true Superman movie before they start adding in other big characters, but if it works and it’s a good story, then I’m all for it.

Who could fill the cowl? Armie Hammer was set to play him when George Miller was in the director’s chair for the failed Justice League movie. His wimpy portrayal of The Lone Ranger will probably hurt his chances now. Some names that have been thrown around: Gerard Butler (how old are they going to portray Batman? Butler is fourteen years older than Henry Cavill) or Liam Hemsworth (again, age is a question. Hemsworth is 7 years younger than Cavill).

If they’re going to go with the young, pretty look, I say pick Jensen Ackles. He’s mostly a tv actor but I think he could pull it off. Some of my other choices are Sam Witwer, Martin Henderson or possibly Andrew Lincoln from AMC’s The Walking Dead. He might need to bulk up a bit but I think he could portray Bruce Wayne/Batman pretty well.

What do you think? Who should be cast as Batman in the follow up to Man of Steel?

One thought on “Zack Snyder to introduce Batman in Man of Steel 2

  1. I’m thinking Gerard Butler would be close to the top if they are going for an older Bruce Wayne. Bradley Cooper. Guy Pearce. Those are just off the top of my head. I need to actually look through some actors and then have a better for formed list of ideas.


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