Top 5 of 2011 (so far)

Even though I never officially told you my top 10 of 2010, I’m going to give you my top 5 of 2011. We’re approaching Oscar season and I wanted to see how drastically my list changes in the upcoming months.


5. Super 8

4. Warrior

3. Contagion

2. Larry Crowne

1. Hesher


I was very surprised by most of these. I expected to enjoy Larry Crowne but I flat out loved it. Warrior at times felt a little “paint by numbers” but I can’t deny that I was on the edge of my seat rooting for the characters. It pulled me in and I enjoyed every second of it. I didn’t know what to expect from Hesher when I watched it but I loved it so much I watched it again the next night. It’s incredibly funny while also having painfully emotional dramatic moments as well. And I found out it was co-written by Animal Kingdom writer/director David Michod. I see this list changing (and obviously expanding to 10) very soon. I’m hoping to see Drive this weekend and Moneyball comes out next friday. I’m very excited to see both of those movies and look forward to all the great upcoming fall films.


P.S. My top 10 of 2010 ended up being:


10. Never Let Me Go

9. Animal Kingdom

8. Blue Valentine

7. Black Swan

6. The King’s Speech

5. The Town

4. 127 Hours

3. The Social Network

2. Inception

1. The Fighter