Thought about creating a blogspot but it was making me come up with a title for it. I’m too indecisive about such a thing so I closed the page. I’m gonna make one. Just have to think up a title. It could just be “All The President’s Men” again.

Anybody still read this with any ideas?

I’ve been feeling… stuck… lately. Not necessarily down or anything. Just stuck. I think I’m about 50 pounds overweight and can’t seem to get myself to the gym (I blame my work schedule). Also I have a bad tendency to eat fast food, but I’ve started fixing that. I’ve actually been going to the grocery store and eating at home the past week or so. I’ve written one script I’m proud of but can’t seem to get myself motivated to start the second. I’ve got a fairly good premise (thanks to my friends Samantha and Elyse). Don’t know what my problem is…

I think I’m just ready for the change that’s coming next year.