There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman…

I’ve decided to try and re-read American Psycho. I tried to read it 8 years ago and had to stop because it literally made me feel sick. The book gets pretty graphic about how he murders people and I remember it made me feel almost nauseous at times. So I stopped reading it. So far I haven’t gotten to any of those parts yet but I’m really enjoying it. I think now, being a little older, I’m able to appreciate the humor more. Hopefully I’ll actually finish it this time.


Top 10

Inspired by the one and only John Pelzel, I’ve decided to try and do some top 10 lists. I’m going to attempt a top 5 favorite movies list but I’m still thinking about it. That’s a tough decision. I don’t want to rush it. But I’m thinking of doing a few top 5 (or 10) favorite lists for different genres perhaps (comic book movies, action, comedy, etc). I also still have to do my top 10 of 2007 list that I meant to do months ago. But I liked John’s top 10 villains… so I think I might attempt that. Except mine will be restricted to movies only. And all these lists are subject to change… because I change my mind a lot.

10. Lex Luthor – Gene Hackman/Kevin Spacey (Superman: The Movie/Superman Returns)

Maybe not the most menacing of villains but he has managed to piss off The Man of Steel. A lot. Superman could easily kill him but chooses not to and he keeps coming back. He’s persistent. You have to give him that. If I could give him just a little advice… it would be to stick around and watch Superman die. Stop leaving. Something always happens and Superman gets out of whatever Kryptonite trap you’ve put him in. Maybe you aren’t as smart as you think, Mr. Luthor.

9. Keyser Soze – The Usual Suspects

I can’t really talk about this film’s villain without ruining the movie. Just know Keyser Soze is a smart, smart man.

8. John Doe – Se7en

John Doe was crazy. But he was smart. Oh, he was sick and twisted but he knew exactly what he was doing. What a great movie.

7. The Shark – Jaws

Whenever I go to the beach and set foot in the water, without fail, I think of the scene where the kid gets eaten while on the inflated raft. And it scares the piss out of me. So there I am… at the beach… and then a piece of seaweed brushes by my leg. Game over. I start to scream like a little girl and run as fast as I can towards land. This movie stays with you. Forever.

6. Voldemort – Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter series)

Some of you may think he’s low on the list… which he is, but we’ve only seen him in two movies so far. I know what he does in later books and when those movies are released maybe he’ll find his way to a higher spot. Time will tell.

5. Michael Myers – Tony Moran (Halloween)

I’m not really sure what to say about Michael Myers other than he’s awesome. He’s the first horror icon that I really enjoyed. I think what’s best about him is his mask. His expressionless face is chilling to watch when he’s killing someone. Also Mr. Myers is another persistent bastard. Stab him in the eye? No problem. Throw him off a balcony? Nothing. Just pisses him off. Well, I’m assuming it pisses him off. I can’t tell. He’s wearing a mask. It would piss me off though.

4. T-1000 – Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

What a great movie. One of the first sequels to truly outshine the original. Actually I saw Terminator 2 before seeing the original Terminator and I don’t think I’ve watched the first one since. (all the way through anyway) Someone who is virtually invisible to the person he is hunting. He could be anyone or anywhere. That is frightening. Being able to shapeshift into anyone he comes into contact with AND sound like them? I’d be afraid that every person I ever met would be T-1000. Talk about paranoia. Not only that but he can form giant knives with his hands. Umm… yeah that’s incredible.

3. The Joker – Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

(I gotta be honest with you. I really wanted to put him at number 1. But I feel like maybe it’s a little too early to make that call. Maybe I’ll revisit this list in a few years and I will move him up but for now I feel like having him in the number 1 spot would just be because I’m obsessed with this movie right now.) The Joker is insane and he’s one of the few (actually the only one I
can think of at the moment) who isn’t interested in money or a certain
item or whatever. He’s just doing things as he says. He wants to break
people’s spirits and show even the best of people that they can be
corrupted. Who does that? That’s just mean. Exactly. To him it’s all
just a game. Batman’s trying to clean up Gotham and keep people like
The Joker from murdering innocent people and The Joker’s just having
fun. One of my favorite scenes from The Dark Knight is when The Joker
is falling from a building, certain to meet his demise… and he’s laughing.

2. Hannibal Lecter – Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs)

Hannibal the Cannibal. This guy not only kills people but once he’s done he’s like “Hmm… I’m hungry… oh hey! A dead person I can eat!” That’s sick. Lecter is high on my list due mainly to one scene. This is a SPOILER so if you haven’t seen Silence of the Lambs maybe you should move on to the next villain. Ok, now the scene I’m thinking of is when Lecter escapes from prison by cutting off a guy’s face and putting it over his own. He takes the cop’s clothes (or a guard or an EMT or something, I don’t remember), puts them on and then cut’s the guy’s face off and put’s it on his face. He’s wearing another guy’s face as a mask. Could you do that? Neither could I.

1. Darth Vader – Star Wars series

I had a hard time deciding whether Vader or Lecter should have the number 1 spot and I ultimately decided that while Vader isn’t portrayed on screen as sadistically as Lecter… Darth Vader is iconic. And he is evil. He’s willing to destroy his own family if they get in his way. I think part of the reason I was hesitant to give Vader the number 1 spot is mainly because of the Star Wars prequels. I feel like not knowing his past or how he came to be was more mysterious and more frightening. While I enjoyed the prequels (for the most part) I do sometimes feel Anakin was portrayed as a bit of a whiner. And the Darth Vader I know is no whiner. He’s a murderer. A cold blooded, 7 foot tall dark Jedi who doesn’t care who gets in his way. He will kill you.

Honorable Mentions:
Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th series

I love me some Jason but I felt like most of the movies that make up the Friday the 13th series are pretty weak and maybe the remake will actually get him on the list…but I doubt it.

Norman Bates – Anthony Perkins (Psycho)

I love this movie so much. It’s one of my favorites and possibly my favorite Hitchcock film (although I have yet to see a lot of Hitchcock’s films). I don’t know what the first movie was to include a twist ending but this one is great. He’s a villain and doesn’t even know it.

Anton Chigurh – Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men)

The ultimate man on a mission. He won’t stop until he gets what he came for. Great movie and perhaps over time he may see his way on to the list. (Sidenote: I can tell I’m getting tired of typing stuff out because my descriptions of these villains are getting weaker and weaker)

Patrick Bateman – Christian Bale (American Psycho)
I think in Patrick Bateman’s case… the reason he didn’t make it on the list is because he is the film’s protagonist. Although I wouldn’t call him a hero by any means. But the film does focus on him, and while we may not agree with what he’s doing, (pretty much everything Bateman does in the film is despicable) there is a part of us that doesn’t want to see him get caught. Or maybe that’s just me… Willem Dafoe’s Detective Kimball is sort of the antagonist. Except that he’s a good guy just trying to find a missing person (someone we know Patrick Bateman has murdered). Anyway… that’s why he’s only an honorable mention. I don’t know… maybe he should be on the list. Lex Luthor watch out…