River Phoenix would have been 37 today. Crazy.


Its happened one too many times I think…

Part of me wants to put my lip rings back in. I mean… why not? The holes are still open, the scars aren’t going away. I can wear them to work…

I’ve just seen a face
I can’t forget the time or place where we just met
She’s just the girl for me and I want all the world to see we’ve met.
Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way and I’d have never been aware
But as it is, I’ll dream of her tonight

Yes, I’m falling
And she keeps calling me back again.

I have never the known the like of this
I’ve been alone and I have missed things and kept out of sight
But other girls were never quite like this

Yes, I’m falling
And she keeps calling me back again.

-The Beatles “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

I’d never heard this song until they showed a scene from Across the Universe and the main character sang it. It’s a great song. You should listen to it, if you’ve never heard it.

I hate when people throw movies in the 5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart that don’t belong there.

…and I also hate that I’m dumb enough to open the dvd first and then look at my receipt and realize I paid too much for it.

I just read the review for The Bourne Ultimatum on joblo.com. I hate reviews in general but this one confused and irritated me.

At the start he said he loved Identity and Supremacy. Cool. Me too. Then he said he was disappointed in Ultimatum and gave it a 5/10. He said it had nothing to do with the story or the acting but the camera work. It was “too shaky” for him.

Boo hoo.

The Bourne Supremacy was done the exact same way and, in my opinion, had a lot more shakiness. Yet, this dummy loved it but not Ultimatum. Ultimatum was my favorite of the Bourne trilogy and I even thought while watching the movie: “Hey… this one’s not as shaky.”

Hey joblo writer: Stop being a little girl.