Last night I had this really weird dream I was at the Regal Theater and they weren’t open yet. I wasn’t sure what I was doing there so I decided to head back to my car. When I got there, suddenly I was with Erica Lambert (who I haven’t seen since probably freshman year of high school?) and we were looking at my door handle. (If you don’t know, my door handle is falling off) I pulled on it and it came off. I then wondered what that meant and then the door panel thing fell off (Which is weird because the part that comes off is on the inside, but this happened on the outside.) So I proceeded to duck tape the door panel back on to my car and Erica ran into some relatives. I’m assuming their relatives. I honestly can’t remember. I think she called one of them Hot something or other. Like Hot Amber or something. I don’t know. Anyway… I get the door fixed and am ready to go. I hop in the car and notice that Erica has shoved all my stuff and all her stuff (which is a lot more than my stuff) into my seat and on the floor near the pedals. So I have to basically dig my way into my car (which in the dream actually took no time at all) and then we can leave. As we are driving away we run into Hot Amber again or whoever it is and the other lady. They talk again as if they hadn’t just seen each other and as I’m about to drive away I notice Jeremy Irons trying to get my attention. “Oh no” I think. Apparently I know Jeremy Irons and he thinks I’m a drug dealer and I have connections to someone who has cocaine. This must have happened in a different dream because I knew all this right away. I knew what he was going to ask me. I go over to him (I’m, somehow, no longer in my car) and say hello. He says to me “So I guess they didn’t call you?” and I say “No man, sorry.” After I apologize to him about not being able to supply him with drugs I congratulate him on his recent SAG Award win. Hot Amber, Erica and the other lady come over and say “You won something?” and he says “Yes I won a SAG award and was nominated for an oscar.” Which is UNTRUE!! He didn’t get nominated this year! I let it slide though. Who knows? Maybe it’s the cocaine. Maybe he thinks he’s still in the year 1990 when he actually won an oscar. Anyway we say congrats one more time and then we get the heck outta there. I woke up before I even made it out of the parking lot.


I don’t consider myself a Star Trek fan. I don’t hate it, but I’m more of a Star Wars dude. So is it weird that I’m actually really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie that’s coming out in 2008? I think it’s mainly just because J.J. Abrams is behind it.

I think I’m in a funk…. I’m not sure.

It’s incredible how God works. He’s been laying it on my heart to talk
to someone about something I’ve been struggling with and out of the
blue Kurt Denmark calls me. Kurt told me he was going through his phone
and felt that God told him to call me.